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Pete Lamb Fishing Trips run out of Wellington Harbour to the Marlborough Sounds and beyond. The Lyall Bay based fishing shop is also Wellington's best address for retail and wholesale tackle & bait.

Tucked away on Kingsford Smith Street lies Pete Lamb Fishing, a retail fishing store and charter service, operating in and around the Wellington Harbour and coast.

Meet Pete Lamb

The man behind the brand is Pete Lamb, a Wellington local who lives, works and recreates on the south coast. We recently sat down with Pete to find out what living and working in the bay means to him.

Growing up in Tawa, Pete moved to the South Coast around the age of 20 and has since been in the fishing business for almost 25 years. Initially starting out in the computer industry, his interest with that soon faded, so he decided to turn his attention toward fishing - replacing a blue screen with the deep blue sea. Pete wanted to "see the sea. I started selling fish bait and running charters and it just grew pretty much."

Fifteen years on since opening his Rongotai shop Pete has now established himself as a brand widely recognised in the Wellington fishing community. He runs a 60ft charter boat and retail fishing store out in Seaview along with his original store in Lyall Bay. He serves a full cross section of the community from "people with bugger all money right up to high flyers". As Pete puts it "There are no boundaries for fishing. No matter who you are you can catch a big fish. The fish don't care who's on the other end of the line."

Live Work Bay

For Pete, business is very weather orientated. Whilst the summer months are definitely his busy period, the calmer waters of winter can often offer more fishable days for those brave enough to bare the cold "Blue cod and terakihi are the main inshore fish we catch. They're quite prolific in the winter, its good fishing. You don't get so many snapper and kingies in the winter, they tend to disappear, but you get plenty of all the other fish."

Pete has always had an affinity for the south coast and with plenty of fish in the area he says "you can cast a line or have a dive and get a feed pretty easy, only 5 minutes from home. I like that". Being in business here for 15 years, Pete has also seen some significant changes in the bay, the biggest of which being the ongoing retail development in the area. Gone are the days of only boy racers and learner drivers frequenting the area looking for solace in the empty streets of an apparent ghost town; the likes of Bunnings and other big retailers has changed that Pete explains.

Talk soon turns to the fishing trip from the night before as Alan from the French Door Factory across the road comes in for a morning debrief; a testament to a man that's truly living and breathing his craft.

For more information on Pete Lamb Fishing check out their website or pay him a visit.