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We recently had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Lyall Bay local, unicycle enthusiast and One Agency Real Estate Agent John Carpenter. A familiar face in the Lyall Bay community and surf crowd, many will also recognise John for his vintage 1952 Morris Oxford which can often be seen cruising the street of the Miramar Peninsula.

Meet John Carpenter

John and his wife Jane have been based in Lyall Bay for almost 5 years, selling their first home in Karori for the coastal appeal of the Bay. "Work at the time, meant I was spending a lot of time in Lyall Bay and got to know a lot of the locals from the little Wild Style Cafe (no longer there). I fell in love with the tight knit feeling of the community and the surf and my mind was made up-we sold up and moved very quickly."

John is first and foremost a people person - a valuable asset in the Real Estate industry. His laid back friendly demeanour during our interview is a testament to this. Having studied Health Science at AUT majoring in Occupational Therapy, John took time off from his studies to manage a retail chain in Auckland and subsequently went on to start several businesses of his own. A keen renovator and having bought and sold his own properties John soon found himself in the Real Estate industry. "I feel like I fell into it rather than choose it as a career path. Having done up and then subsequently sold houses through companies I simply thought "I could do that and do it better". Haha! I would certainly like to think I am!"

John sells property across the Wellington region and prides himself on his ability to keep the selling process as simple and clear as possible. He works closely with his clients, ensuring open lines of communication to make certain they understand the process and have every confidence in a 'premium outcome' "It is a known fact in the Industry that a seller's biggest complaint is that they never hear from their agent. So I work hard to ensure Vendors know exactly what is going on - and when."

Real Estate in Lyall Bay Area

When quizzed about the state of Real Estate in the area, John admits that whilst Lyall Bay is a fantastic suburb to sell in the lack of properties on the market at a given time can make it difficult for purchasers with their mind set on Lyall Bay. The gentrification of the area was also noted -"Many domestic dwellings are being renovated to a very high standard, new cafes and the revitalisation of local shopping. I think we will see a steady change in more million dollar properties being built and/or developed. Despite the location Lyall Bay parade still consists of quite modest (even substandard) dwellings and this is bound to change. I rue the day but I could quite believe that there could be parking meters along Lyall Bay parade before too long. On a weekend now you can hardly find a park." - a sentiment I'm sure many locals will attest too!

Live Work Bay

Whilst Real Estate can become an all-consuming beast the limited time John does have to pursue other interest usually sees him making the most of Lyall Bays coastal amenities - "Down time is not that plentiful but in order of priority; surfing, playing the guitar or piano and going for jaunts with Jane on Saturday around the Miramar peninsula in the Morris Oxford or on my old Vespa"

The eclectic, tight knit community and its close proximity to the south coast is what John enjoys most about living in Lyall Bay - "The coast! Whether surfing or early morning walks down to the beach with the dog are a highlight of my day. The community! You can't go down to the beach without running into at least 3 people you know! - Something I'm sure many within the Lyall Bay community would agree with.

If you're looking to buy or sell property in the Wellington region be sure to check out John Carpenter.