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Relay For Life

Cancer Society Wellington


Because Cancer never sleeps...

even in a global pandemic

In early 2020 we began working with the Cancer Society Wellington division to promote their 2020 Relay For Life event and its new location of Trentham Park. The challenge was to show off the new location and promote participation of the event. With their audience being mostly business teams and high schoolers, we got to work on creating two videos that promoted the event directly to those audiences. 

Shortly after the release of our videos the Covid-19 pandemic hit New Zealand and we had to go back to the drawing board.  Unlike other divisions of the Cancer Society, Wellington couldn’t postpone the event to later in the year as it clashed with high school exams and the racing season at Trentham Park. 

And so... the Cancer Society team bravely embarked on creating this virtual event, safe for participants to take part in under any alert level. 

We were able to script a new video concept from our respective bubbles and engage with our cast from the videos made earlier in the year. We had each of our four star students record different sections of the video at home on their phones. We were then able to bring this all together and remotely edit the footage to one cohesive video, complete with motion graphics and music for a polished result. 

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