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Central Pulse Netball

reframing a ‘girls’ sport

web strategy brand design video print

The Central Pulse are the Wellington-based netball team competing in the Trans-Tasman ANZ Championship.

Central Pulse engaged Ocular to develop the 2017 season campaign and launch a new website. Like an emotionally charged team talk, Ocular's campaign flipped the standard narrative around Netball being a 'girls' sport, and instead magnified the strength, determination and fierce nature of the athletes.

The quotes and language drove the creative direction of the campaign and illustrated why motivation can be a powerful driving force to prove even the staunchest of critics' wrong. Ensuring cut-through in a sports saturated market, the visual execution featured abstract images to focus on the new team instead of individuals. We designed and built a fully responsive, highly interactive, user focused website in the new look and feel.