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Crafting moving images and animation to bring your stories to life. For over 15 years we have been producing affordable videos for private and public sector partners including staff communications, training and advertising campaigns, as well as conference coverage.

Ocular has a proven track record, having worked on, and created, a large array of productions ranging from health and safety videos, promotional trailers, right through to full TV series on mainstream television. We can manage the full spectrum of services and develop your video project from initial idea right through to final production. However, we're not so precious that it's all or nothing. If you only need to have part of the process handled, don't hesitate to contact us.


Pre-production is the planning stage and takes place before any video is shot. Ideas are developed, scripts written, locations and talent chosen and equipment is prepared. We provide full management and creative support during the pre-production stage.


The perfect shot is a combination of great talent, locations and an experienced camera operator. It's more than just taking the shot, we know how critical it is to understand the story to deliver the tacit clues that complete the picture. 


Sometimes words and images just won't cut it. Illustrations and infographics can present complex information in a way that is easily understood and visually stimulating to the audience. Our creative team can bring complicated ideas to life with either digital and print illustrations, infographics and hand-drawn images in a range of styles, to give your brand a whole new dimension.


The place where it all comes together, we will finesse the shoot footage and imagery to tell a cohesive story. We edit with a collaborative approach, so use an online service for you to give feedback on your production.