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By building a better business, you’ll build a better life.

RightWay was built by business people for business people. Offering accounting & business advice along with other services such as agribusiness, book-keeping & payroll, HR support and Xero support. Their team of experts have been helping businesses grow for more than 10 years. With first-hand experience, RightWay knows the pitfalls to avoid and the routes to success.

The brand identity is inspired by the concept of way-finding. With the bespoke arrow element being the core of the visual identity, we created a system that guides people towards a better future for their business. We also crafted a custom logotype that features playful curves and bold yet unique letterforms. By using playful typography and a bold colour palette we brought the visual system together with a strong personality and tone of voice that connects the visual system to the people at RightWay.