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Smash Racism, Stop Hate

The streets of Newtown wouldn't be the same without local graffiti writer Kerb1. Having grown up in this melting pot of diversity, his murals celebrate community and can be seen throughout the suburb. Check out his latest piece here #SMASHRACISM

This short doco was created by our talented interning students from VUW’s MFA in Film @Ana Macia Caicedo, @Sophia Chan and @Crosby Allen-Jennings. We’ve loved having this talented bunch join the Ocular team for their internship placements and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

Director - Ana Caicedo Macia
Producers - Crosby Allen-Jennings & Steph Miller
DOP & Colourist - Sophia Chan
Editors - Monique Thorp & Crosby Allen-Jennings
Production Company -