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Deaf Aotearoa - WFD World Congress 2023 Bid


Celebrating diversity and inclusion

We worked with Deaf Aotearoa to create a video for New Zealand’s bid to host the 2023 world congress - an event that happens every 4 years and attracts a huge amount of tourists from around the world. 

At each World Federation of the Deaf World Congress, selected countries are invited to bid for the next congress to happen in their country and receive a short time on stage to make their case. 

We worked with Deaf Aotearoa to utilise video to maximise their stage time and showcase New Zealand’s support and inclusion of the deaf community. 

Our task was to create a bid video utilising an eclectic mix of existing footage from different community events and groups around the country as well as a message from PM Jacinda Ardern and footage from tourism NZ. 

We created a storyline and script that tied in all of the elements and existing footage Deaf Aotearoa wanted to include  then captured the additional footage needed to bring it all together. 

We loved working on this project with the Deaf Aotearoa team and our talented lead actress Lucy, to celebrate Aotearoa’s inclusiveness and support for this community.