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Central Pulse Netball

web design brand

Reframing a ‘girls’ sport

The Central Pulse are the Wellington-based netball team competing in the Trans-Tasman ANZ Championship. Dealing with an old website and unreliable digital platforms meant they were struggling to promote the team, and spending time trying to maintain an unreliable system.

We created a campaign and website that flipped the standard narrative around netball being a 'girls' sport, and instead magnified the strength, determination and fierce nature of the athletes. Ensuring cut-through in a sports saturated market, the visual execution featured abstract images to focus on the new team instead of individuals. We designed and built a fully responsive, highly interactive, user focused website with online sales and the ability for quick content updates.

Pulse have been able to refocus their energy to delivering a consistent customer experience including member sales, regular news, and team information.