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Alix Feast

web brand strategy

It's blind sense.

Alix Feast started her company Blind Sense as a one-woman band from the small garage next to her home over fifteen years ago. Motivated by wanting to be independent and having a passion for interior design, she approached her new business with the energy, tenacity, commitment, professionalism, and focus that is still very much driving the company today. Over time Alix has built a solid reputation for Blind Sense, and herself as the go-to-person for high quality window furnishings, whether it is for individuals, retail, or property developers.

We created a brand identity and website that positions Alix as the highly skilled expert that she is. We chose a high quality and delicately designed serif typeface as the wordmark to reflect the immense level of detail that goes into her craft. The colour palette is inspired by Alix's favourite colour which also happens to the colour of her hair. The core colour is a bold lavender purple supported by a stone navy and off-white. The result of this project is a brand that is an extension of who Alix Feast is and the personality and skill that she brings to her craft.